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New photo from Camilla’s Project Mermaid shoot!
July 29 2015 // Kim // Camilla Luddington, Photos // No comments

A few minutes ago Camilla posted a picture from her Project Mermaid shoot and it’s amazing! Be sure you check it out in the gallery!     Camilla is going to be doing a 15 minute Q&A on her Twitter in about 3 hours so be sure to submit your […]

The Pact 2: Special Features!
July 21 2015 // Kim // Photos, The Pact II // No comments

I have added screencaptures of Camilla in The Pact 2 DVD special features so be sure to take a look at them in the gallery and buy the DVD if you haven’t yet!  

New picture from Project Mermaids photoshoot
July 14 2015 // Monica // Campaigns, Photos, Projects // No comments

Project Mermaids shared new picture from Camilla’s photoshoot for them. The idea of the photoshoot (along with some more) is to capture celebrities in mermaid form and to bring awareness as to how precious the ocean and beaches are. All the photographs will be shown Early November, 2015 in an art show. […]

Camilla Luddington Navigates Comic-Con

“This is about as disguise-y as I get,” she said holding up a pair of specs during an interview. “Comic-Con is actually the best place to not get recognized because there are so many people in amazing costumes. I think that catches the eye more than someone wearing regular clothing, […]

Camilla Luddington for TVLine

Camilla Luddington talked with Michael Ausiello about Tomb Raider and Grey’s Anatomy in an interview at Comic Con 2015. Camilla shared how exciting it was filming Tomb Raider and what she expects from Grey’s Anatomy, including a possible Jolex break up. Camilla is back on the set of Grey’s Anatomy […]

The Rise of The Tomb Raider panel at Comic Con 2015
July 12 2015 // Monica // Appearances, Lara Croft, Photos // No comments

Yesterday, Camilla attended the Rise of the Tomb Raider panel at Comic Con. We have added some photos in the gallery but we’ll keep looking for more. We also hope for a video footage of the event. Please, stay tuned for more information. Gallery link: Appearances > Appearances in 2015 […]

Camilla Luddington at the Xbox Lounge at Comic Con 2015
July 10 2015 // Monica // Appearances, Lara Croft, Photos // No comments

Camilla has officially arrived at Comic Con a few hours ago and now she’s at the Xbox Lounge. We have a few photos already added to the gallery so go and check them. Of course, stay tuned for more coming soon. Later today (in less than 2 hours) Camilla will […]

The Pact 2 is now on DVD!
July 10 2015 // Kim // The Pact II // No comments

Hello everybody! If you remembered my last post you will know The Pact 2 is now on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US! Both versions will come with these special features:   •Making of, Featurettes •Trailer   Be sure you go and buy the movie here!

First promotional stills from ‘The Healer’
July 7 2015 // Monica // Photos, Projects, The Healer // No comments

We have 6 promo stills from ‘The Healer’ added in the gallery. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any further information as premiere dates and such but hopefully we’ll know more soon. The only we are aware of is that today is Camilla’s last day on the set, which means that […]

Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay released!
June 26 2015 // Kim // Tomb Raider, Videos // No comments

Gameplay from Rise of the Tomb Raider has been released so be sure you watch it!   The game will be released on November 10th on the Xbox One and Xbox 360!